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World Champion George Kotaka!


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The West Coast Open is proud and honored to once again offer seminars from the best in the world.

Two-time kumite world champion George Kotaka will share his winning techniques and training methods in three dynamic sessions. A must experience for anyone wishing to take their kumite skills to the next level!

Seminar A 10:00-11:15 George Kotaka
Sensei Kotaka teaches the tactics and strategies that he used to win two WKF gold medals. Learn how to close and maintain distance more effectively, while understanding the footwork necessary to do so. Learn the finer points with performance tips from this great world champion. This seminar is a precursor to seminar B.
Seminar B 11:30-12:45 George Kotaka
In this seminar, Sensei Kotaka takes the distancing and footwork demonstrated in seminar A, and incorporates it into his favorite winning techniques that he used to earn two WKF world championships. In addition, learn how he prepared mentally for big competitions.
Seminar C 1:00-2:15 George Kotaka
This seminar is reserved for elite level competitors only! Attendees should be current or former national team members, or advanced kumite practitioners.


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